I have been the pastor  of Cross Roads since September of 2008.  I am a second career pastor and this is my first call.  Prior to becoming  a minister I worked in the construction industry and also spent a few years in computers.  I have a BA in Social Sciences  from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2007.

 My daughter, Eliza, and I shared the experience of seminary. She graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2008. On September 6, 2008, God granted us our prayer that we would be ordained together. (See photo below)

Reverend Stephen Cramer and his family: (L-R) Elliott, Stephen, Eliza & Karen Cramer

I have had innumerable life experiences that I bring into my ministry, both in the church and in the secular world. I spent most of my life in sales,  but now I can present something in which I truly believe. I have a deep spiritual faith coupled with a strong academic background and a patient commitment to seeking God’s will. I am, by nature, a teacher, with good people skills and a compassionate pastoral instinct. I believe that Jesus is always active in our world and it is our mission to demonstrate that with our very lives.

I serve a congregation that continually pursues its calling within the body of Christ by prayerfully embracing the divine mystery. The members and I want to grow spiritually by sinking their roots deep into God’s purpose, thriving in the light of God’s presence, soaking up the rain of God’s power and blossoming forth in a vibrant explosion of faith, hope, and love.  We are indeed grateful to be touched by God’s transforming grace.  Our desire is to be a living witness to the presence of Christ in our lives.

We remain open to the Spirit and always guided by Scripture and Reformed traditions. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.” I believe by fully acknowledging this, our fruit will be a blessed community whose words and deeds share the good news of Jesus Christ.

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